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New Year’s Eve 2020 in Rio de Janeiro

It is a fact that New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most celebrated in the world. Millions of people from around the world gather to watch the majestic fireworks on miles of beaches around the city’s coastline. Besides being an environment without prejudice, since Rio is considered one of the most “gay-friendly” places in the world. The joy of Rio’s New Year celebration is full of amazing parties and experiences.
But where to find the best parties? Here we will present you several options for you to enjoy your New Year 2020 in the wonderful city.

Rio de Janeiro Safety Tips

1 – Always plan

Before heading out to enjoy the city, plan ahead. Search for the sights or regions that you want to know in advance. Ask for hotel information, search on blogs and websites. Try to find out the best days of the week and times to know certain places and beaches. The best idea is to use a concierge service, as offered by Rio de Janeiro Feelings, which can create roadmaps and hire services tailored to your needs.

2 – Choose well where to stay

This is where you should invest the most financially for a good sense of security in Rio de Janeiro. You have to choose where you will be staying, especially if you plan to go out at night.

3 – Don’t look like a tourist

To avoid problems it is better not to draw attention to yourself unnecessarily. Cariocas do not usually display watches, jewelry and many props in their everyday life for safety reasons and also because of the heat!

Take care of your belongings and purse. Especially cameras and cell phones. Avoid using them when walking on streets stay alert in very empty places. Similarly, you should take care of your belongings in large conurbations and near busy roads.

4 – Avoid strolling with lots of money

Just walk with the money you need. Prefer credit or debit cards. If you can, leave your wallet and iPhone at home or in the hotel. The less possessions you have with you, the more you will feel safe in Rio de Janeiro.

5 – Care with the locomotion

Public transport in central Rio de Janeiro has improved over the recent years. With the subway it is possible to reach most places desired by tourists.

Traffic is confusing and slow. There are regions in the city that are far more dangerous. A driver who is not well aware of traffic can end up falling into real “traps” and create major risks to his safety in Rio de Janeiro.

Also avoid the bus. Prefer to use taxis or Uber. At night avoid walking even at small distances. Access your taxi or Uber from the Hotel door and get off only at the door of the desired restaurant or bar.

It’s also good to pay attention to taxis, so always use well-recommended companies.

6 – Beach care

Surely you will want to know the beaches of Rio. In general they are safe. The most famous in the South Zone, such as Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon require more attention. Among these, Leblon is usually quieter.

Among the safest beaches we have are Praia Vermelha, Praia do Leme, Barra da Tijuca beaches and beyond (Reserva, Recreio, Prainha, Grumari).

Ideally, visit the beaches when they are empty. That is, avoiding weekends and holidays.

7 – Care to know the shanty town

The shanty towns are “poorer” neighborhoods that are usually located on the hills of Rio. These places have strong community ties and a unique culture (in art, music and cooking). So there is a whole ” shanty town tourism” to get to know these traditional communities.

However, these communities have higher crime rates. In fact it depends a lot on the political and social context of the time. At certain times visiting certain communities is more recommended than others.

In case you are willing to have this contact with the communities, look for companies and specialized guides so you don’t endanger your safety in Rio de Janeiro.

9 – City center only by day

In downtown Rio de Janeiro we find many historical sites and buildings, such as the 16th-century São Bento Monastery; the Imperial Palace, former residence of D. João VI (today an important cultural center) and also the Municipal Theater of 1909.

But at night the downtown area is well emptied. Try to avoid weekends as well. If this is not possible, go straight to the desired places and avoid walking even at short distances.

New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro

The New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most sought-after places for tourism in times of year-end. This is for many reasons, such as its natural beauty, its huge diversity and tourism options. But it's no good at all to plan your trip in a hurry at the last...