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This incredible National Park in the heart of the city is known as one of the world's largest urban forests, covering a staggering 40 square kilometres.

It is home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife, many threatened by extinction, and found only in this type of Atlantic rainforest.

The lush greenery covering the coastal mountains offers a number of attractions, most notably, the colossal sculpture of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain.

Other attractions include Cascatinha waterfall; Mayrink chapel, with its splendid murals painted by Cândido Portinari; the light pagoda-style gazebo at Vista Chinesa lookout; and the giant picnic table called the Mesa do Imperador.

Among its impressive peaks is Pedra da Gavea, a legendary monolith rising 842 meters (2762 feet) above sea level. You can climb the world's largest monolith on a coastline in a two-hour hike and short rock climb (no climbing experience required).


Lapa is a lively neighbourhood, which lies in the heart of Rio's old centre. It is famous for its historical monuments, such as Arcos da Lapa (Lapa's Arches), an iconic aqueduct constructed in the mid-18th century by colonial authorities.

Lapa is well known for its nightlife, concentrating many restaurants, nightclubs and bars in a bohemian area. Lapa's vibrant and sultry rhythms emanate from its packed nightclubs and perfectly capture Rio's intense energy and dazzling sounds.


The magnificent statue is the symbol of Rio, welcoming all visitors with open arms. Located at the summit of the 700-meter tall (2,300 feet) Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park, it is the largest Art Deco-style sculpture in the world.

It is also one of the 7 new wonders of the world.


Rising 396 meters (1299 ft.) above the harbor, its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of Portugal's concentrate refined loaf sugar. Known worldwide for its cableway and panoramic view of the city, visitors can watch rock climbers on the sugarloaf and the other two mountains in the area: Morro da Babilônia (Babylon Mountain), and Morro da Urca (Urca's Mountain).

Together they form one of the largest urban climbing areas in the world, with more then 270 routes, between 1 and 10 pitches long.


Enjoy a tour to one of Rio's "favelas" (shantytowns), and experience this large part of life in the City in a safe and welcoming way. 

We provide tours to Vidigal, a picturesque community perched on a mountain overlooking Ipanema and Leblon beaches and a stop-off for visiting celebrities from all over the world - David Beckam, Will Smith and Kanye West included. Vidigal has stunning and unique views of Rio and is located between Leblon and Sāo Conrado, both of which are high-end neighbourhoods.

Vidigal offers find typical Brazilian food and pastries, and is home to a special restaurant featured in Vogue Magazine. Vidigal has some of the best parties in town. The community also has a famous acting school where Brazilian celebrities attended and are successful all over the country.


Popular among locals and visitors alike for its narrow, cobbled streets and friendly vibe, this breezy hilltop neighbourhood is the artistic heart of the city. Lined with ageing, 19th century mansions and colonial architecture, Santa Teresa is home to several art studios and galleries, and offers a different take on Rio.

This vibrant and edgy district is also home to a great selection of restaurants and bars with views that are nothing short of spectacular. It is a must-go destination for foodie visitors to Rio and the perfect spot to sample traditional dishes from all over the country.


Sited between the mountain ranges of coastal rain forest and the stunning Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the Botanical Garden shows the diversity of Brazilian and world flora and is a respite from the bustling City.

Shaded by imperial palm trees, luscious tropical trees and bamboo stands, the Garden harbours over 6.500 species (some endangered) distributed throughout an area of 54 hectares and numerous glasshouses.

The garden also houses monuments of historical, artistic, archaeological significance, and is home to an important research institute, which develops a wide range of botanical studies in Brazil.

The park contains 140 species of birds, many of which have become accustomed to humans, and are consequently much easier to observe than in the wild.


Vista Chinesa (Chinese Lookout) in is a 380-meter (1247ft) high view surrounded by lush vegetation, located in the district of Alto da Boa Vista, tucked into the Tijuca Forest National Park. Some people say it offers the best views of Rio.


Rio de Janeiro Feelings will take its clients to some of Rio's off the beaten track beaches, hidden pieces of paradise mostly unknown to tourists. These include the stunning sanctuary of Prainha and Grumari beaches, both situated in protected areas and surrounded by hills covered by Atlantic Forest.

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