RJ Feelings – Pandemic x Tourism

During this
current moment we are going through (the pandemic that surprised entire nations
worldwide), we from RJ Feelings strongly believe that the world will never be
the same again.

within values, personal relationships and mindsets are already visible. And
this will certainly bring consequences to many market segments, including

We believe
that when the frontiers are liberated, people will be more willing to take
advantage of their moments and experiences with more intensity and value. They
will probably also be more interested in exploring regions from their own
countries and this will certainly bring a positive national impact.

In the
other side, independently on the destinies (national or international), we
strongly believe that people will also start searching for more places that
bring out their faith, spirituality and energetic connections. Places like
Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bali and India, for example, are perfect examples.

“That cliché of going to the USA, New York and Miami, might just drastically decrease after this social isolation, after all, we are all going through a moment of profound reflections about overwhelmed consumption and futilities that don’t really aggregate.” Isis Grossi, SEO and Concierge RJ Feelings.

Now we are
all realizing how much social connections are important. Family, friends and neighbors
grew a whole different value. Besides that, the world in general is throwing
more weight over experiences and moments that triggers our feelings and

even with this crisis, RJ Feelings is getting more inspirations to work towards
promoting its biggest mission: provide lifestyle and experiences so that each client
can live unique and unforgettable experiences.

We have
true hopes that this pandemic will end soon and that the world will learn much
from it.

We, from RJ
Feelings, wish for a renewed world, cured and in peace. And that we can all
live soon many amazing experiences together!