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Following the hottest trends, Rio de Janeiro Feelings also has diary content at instragram so you can get more inspirations on what our services can provide: unique and customized experiences according to each lifestyle.

In other words, in our Instagram profile, @riodejaneirofeelings, you will be able to find excellent tips about the “Cidade Maravilhosa”, trip ideas, where to stay suggestions within the most elegant houses in Brazil and information about our other services (WBE and Baby Concierge).

We are aware of the importance of social media and that they are even more searched for during quarantine times. Therefore, RJ Feelings will keep an even stronger effort on our Instagram page so that all of our best content is available for you!

Our objective? Above all, to promote a work that goes far beyond tourism. Our mission is to bring you something never lived before. An experience that is worth the investment and the energy that we put when planning a trip abroad.

And to better work our content, we consider interaction with our followers key! Therefore, all of the critics and feedbacks will be extremely welcome! May it be through direct messages our post comments, we will love to know our client’s opinions.

Besides this profile, we would also like to talk about Baby Concierge, our newest “baby” that works with a whole different segment, but equals RJ Feelings in terms of sophistication, care and attention from our team and concierge, Isis Grossi.  

Curious to get to know the project better? See everything at: @babyconciergebrasil. The service was created for the families having their first babies or those who are simply looking for more comfort before, during or after pregnancy.

Both profiles work with a focus that is prioritizing each client as a unique human being and with real and different needs. Because in the end, each passenger goes to a special destiny and each family has their first baby in a different way.

Comfort and care are the key words and our Instagram is here to promote this with you!

While we are talking about this, why not start a draft of a new trip? We are here to help and leave everything ready and absolutely perfect for when the time comes!

Interested? Here in our website you can check all information about our curators and services available.

Access our contact page ( or take to us directly through phone (+55 21 97964-0790) or e-mail ([email protected]).

Lovers month – inspirations!

The most romantic month of the year came up and we are betting that many are asking themselves how to celebrate in the best way possible. May it be indoor or outside, we will definitely make the most of it!

During this quarentine, many are finding virtual options to keep contact with their families, friends and loved ones. Online toasts and parties were never so common and the meetings have become even more exciting since we miss each other so much!

If the couple is together, indoor options are plenty! :) Innovation and creativity is key and in our home’s comfort they can definitely pull something out easily! French inspiration? What about a romantic picnic with candle lights? Our suggestion is that the couple picks up cheese and delicious toasts varieties and serve them with a fine French wine. Feeling more Italian? Cooking a pasta together can be very fun and delicious!

Looking for more practicality? Food delivery apps (ex: Ifood, Rappi, Uber Eats) are here for this. A Japanese dish with a good sake is always an excellent pick, don’t you think? Prefer something “heavier”? A combination of steak + fries and Netflix marathon sounds perfect!  

To get things more “caliente”, a Spanish paella with a nice tempranillo are amazing options too. But if you prefer something closer to our country, a Uruguayan tannat accompanied by a “dulce de leche” dessert is an absolute must!

Movies and music are also great allies for this moment! May it be a romantic film for an inspiration or an upbeat music to dance until sunrise! Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Deezer and Spotify are available with contents for every single taste!

In case the couple can’t spend the day together, a Zoom or Skype session can be the best plan! The most important thing is the energy and love shared at this moment in which we are naturally more sensible and in need of real connections. Especially at a date that is so important for our hearts :)

We from RJ Feelings wish all of our readers an even more romantic and special month, where we can all value each second with our partners. Normally we would be suggesting a romantic trip or special experiences abroad, after all, this is our expertise: unique, customized and unforgettable experiences for every occasion!

However, inside or outside our countries and homes, we strongly believe that we will more than ever put real value on those who take care of us, brings us peace, happiness, and mental and physical health!

And remember: take care, stay home and keep positive thoughts! Together, we will all go through this stronger!

Pandemic and Wellness Industry

With millions of people confined around the world, the wellness market has had a significant growth. According to the English paper “The Economist”, many are in a profound despair because of the lack of company and/or motivation. Therefore, are searching for online entertainment on their cellphones and other media sources to keep their minds sane.  

Fitness classes are easily adapted to Instagram lives, Zoom, Skype, and other programs that make communication between people, teachers and students easier.

Besides the famous cardio and strengthening classes, we also highlight the exponential search growth for yoga and meditation lessons. As a consequence, sales of mattresses, dumbbells, elastics, and others, has increased as well.

Fitness apps has also become
more popular and are helping people with their discipline and workout routines.

Still according to the English paper, people are more willing to improve themselves. In other words, looking for ways to refine their mental and physical health and appearance.

In this graphic below we can better understand the online search growth for fitness topics (home workout and kettlebell) and other curious ones such as “making bread” and sex tips:

See more at:

The Brazilian paper “O Globo” recently emphasized physical activities using body weight or adapting house objects and supplies (ex: books and food containers) to relieve anxiety and keep healthy during the confinement. Social media has become people’s main ally and most classes are currently free.  

May it be for the objective of sweating and losing those extra pounds, releasing tension or simply for fun, the physical educators are finding diverse ways through social media to contribute to people’s health and wellness.

“Knowing that we are not alone is very comforting. It is important for us to talk so we don’t panic. My class is a big contrast from society’s stress: we look inside, speak mantras, meditate, make one position at a time. I basically share my way of life”, says Julia Oristano, yoga teacher who has performed online classes using social media.

More info about this article from “O Globo” in:

The Brazilian magazine “Exame”, has recently published an article focused on the harsh crisis that many companies from the fitness segment are handling right now. Most incomes were practically zeroed. Therefore, many are looking for alternatives to increase their revenue, in order to keep jobs and their clients engaged.

According to Leonardo Pereira, president of Selfit (low-cost fitness chain), digital businesses will become more and more important to the fitness companies. “Consumption of digital products will multiplicate, may it be for fitness reasons, home office, medical attendance, etc”.

In the end,
the main objective isn’t necessairly to grow profits, but to keep relevance
among the students. In other words, keeping their interest and motivation at
any cost.  

The good news is that in oriental countries, specially China (where quarantine flexibilization is already happening), gym subscriptions has become a surprise. Amazingly, about one third of the clients are people that had never been to a gym before.

“People are looking for more health, running from obesity and better eating habits”, says Pereira, from Selfit.

See more about the “Exame”
magazine article in:

Is this a good sign for Brazil? We from WBE are positive that it is. After all, aesthetics and wellness has always been big priorities for many Brazilians. As we always say, taking care of yourself is an indispensable investment. Our bodies and minds deserve it.

Lets go together, with focus and positive thoughts.  

RJ Feelings – Pandemic x Tourism

During this
current moment we are going through (the pandemic that surprised entire nations
worldwide), we from RJ Feelings strongly believe that the world will never be
the same again.

within values, personal relationships and mindsets are already visible. And
this will certainly bring consequences to many market segments, including

We believe
that when the frontiers are liberated, people will be more willing to take
advantage of their moments and experiences with more intensity and value. They
will probably also be more interested in exploring regions from their own
countries and this will certainly bring a positive national impact.

In the
other side, independently on the destinies (national or international), we
strongly believe that people will also start searching for more places that
bring out their faith, spirituality and energetic connections. Places like
Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bali and India, for example, are perfect examples.

“That cliché of going to the USA, New York and Miami, might just drastically decrease after this social isolation, after all, we are all going through a moment of profound reflections about overwhelmed consumption and futilities that don’t really aggregate.” Isis Grossi, SEO and Concierge RJ Feelings.

Now we are
all realizing how much social connections are important. Family, friends and neighbors
grew a whole different value. Besides that, the world in general is throwing
more weight over experiences and moments that triggers our feelings and

even with this crisis, RJ Feelings is getting more inspirations to work towards
promoting its biggest mission: provide lifestyle and experiences so that each client
can live unique and unforgettable experiences.

We have
true hopes that this pandemic will end soon and that the world will learn much
from it.

We, from RJ
Feelings, wish for a renewed world, cured and in peace. And that we can all
live soon many amazing experiences together!

News: RJ Feelings and Plantel

Unbelievable Experiences

RJ Feelings
is now officially associated to Plantel Tourism, a company with more than 30
years of experience with the main advantage of offering a totally customized client

counts with a well-qualified team, guaranteeing unique and unforgettable trips
for all types of customers. The compromise with an excellent service is
priority. And to guarantee this, the company travels worldwide to carefully
choose the best routes and accommodations, with the objective of making every
dream come true the best way possible.

As a result, Plantel is able to assure their
public the destiny’s true essence, so that they can experience each trip with
effective care and logistics.

No wonder RJ Feelings is now part of Rio’s biggest
luxury agency and one of Brazil’s biggest agency as well, with the “Virtuoso”
seal, which is something only 30 agencies of the country has, as well as
exclusive contracts with national and international Airlines.

Curious about the “Virtuoso” seal? It comes
from an American association that unites hotel chains, agencies and suppliers
from all over the world, in the exclusive and luxury tourism business.

The objective with all these amazing changes? Turn our attendance even more
complete and absolutely personalized for each type of profile. After all, every
trip deserves to be lived in a unique and memorable way. And for RJ Feelings,
cultural experiences are one of the main sources of joy, personal development
and life quality.

With the backing and expertise of Isis Grossi,
concierge service reference in Brazil, RJ Feelings and WBE’s* (*beauty and
lifestyle service) treatment just gain more credibility with this astonishing news.

Interested? Access our website to check out
more information about our curators and all services we have to offer.

Access our contact page (
or feel free to speak directly to us on the phone (+55 21 97964-0790) or e-mail
([email protected]).

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After Carnival Period

Unbelievable Experiences

Durante o período pós Carnaval, nada melhor do que conseguir
um tempo para reavaliar os projetos e pendências do ano, organizar a rotina de
trabalho, familiar e de cuidados com o corpo e mente, é claro.

E falando em cuidados pessoais, a WBE está aqui para te
ajudar com isso, pois somos experts em criar rotinas de luxo personalizadas.
Optar por uma experiência de bem-estar é uma oportunidade única e fundamental
para você, homem ou mulher, que prioriza sempre cuidar de si.

Afinal, cuidar de você não é custo. É um investimento e nós
estamos aqui para organizar tudo para você da forma mais personalizada,
criativa, prática e confortável possível.

Como fazemos isso? Simples. Agendaremos um call para
entender melhor suas prioridades e necessidades e, em seguida, agendaremos
todas as consultas e atendimentos, sem você ter qualquer preocupação ou
trabalho ;)

E o céu é o limite quando se trata de cuidados para
trabalhar a melhor versão de você mesmo. Queremos que você desfrute dos
benefícios e exclusividades que o turismo médico pode te oferecer no Rio de

Aliás, poder fazer os seus tratamentos preferidos na Cidade
Maravilhosa é uma oportunidade incrível que você não pode deixar de vivenciar! Cuidados
pessoais em meio à tanta natureza, energia e beleza é para poucos. Uma terapia
completa e benéfica tanto para o corpo, quanto para mente.

Quais os tratamentos indicamos? Aqui o céu é o limite também
;) Escolha entre os estéticos, cirurgias plásticas, visagismo, emagrecimento,
entre outros que for de sua escolha e prioridade.

Então seja para um período detox pós-Carnaval ou uma época
do ano em que você simplesmente quer cuidar de você por completo, venha
conferir os programas personalizados que só a WBE pode oferecer.

Ser bem recebido é uma exclusividade. Temos expertise em
criar rotinas de luxo personalizadas, com a melhor curadoria de serviços de
bem-estar, beleza e turismo atreladas.

Nosso time conta com a melhor concierge do Rio de Janeiro,
Isis Grossi, além de um time de parceiros de diversas áreas de atuação como massoterapia,
emagrecimento, cirurgia plástica, visagismo, entre outros.

Interessou? Acesse nosso site para conferir mais informações
a respeito dos nossos curadores e todos os serviços que podemos oferecer:

Dentro do nosso endereço online você também terá acesso a
nossa página de contato, onde poderá preencher seus dados e mandar sua mensagem
com dúvidas ou sugestões.

Está com pressa para agendar sua programação? Entre em contato agora mesmo pelo telefone (+55 21 97964-0790) ou e-mail ([email protected]). 

Aguardamos você e desejamos um 2020 oficialmente inesquecível!

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Rio de Janeiro can still have you for our 2020 Carnival!

Unbelievable Experiences

Every year Rio’s Carnival grows exponentially not only in popularity, but also
infrastructure, organization and planning. However, RJ Feelings knows how to
make all of this even more comfortable and sophisticated. ;)

Doubts about coming to Rio or not? See below some interesting data about how promising is Rio’s Carnival this year!

Did you know? This “carioca” event moved R$3.78 billions in the economy of Rio de
Janeiro in 2019. This represented a raise of 26% in the revenue of the
commercial and service sectors. In total, more than 1.6 million tourists came
to the city during the most celebrated Holiday of the year!

In 2020, Rio’s Carnival expects a 30% tourist increase. According to Riotur projections,
the city will be receiving about 1.9 million people and the celebrations will
have 50 days of total duration!

With more than 400 street parties and 500 parades, Rio de Janeiro is prepared to receive
the party people and tourists from all over the world. With the city hall’s
support, as well as big sponsors like AMBEV, the infrastructure is expected to
be even more organized and equipped this year.

Looking for the best hotels and the most incredible parties in this gorgeous
city? With RJ Feelings you can guarantee this and more!

Our biggest interest is to get to know you better so you can make the most of what Rio’s
Carnival can offer! May it be in the “Sambódromo”, an exclusive pool in an
upscale hotel, a restaurant with a breathtaking view or a private beach to
relax, we have all you need to enjoy this city in the best way possible.

According to your demands and interests, we will be able to suggest the perfect places
for you to make the most of your stay. And don’t worry, every neighborhood in
Rio has amazing culture and traditions. Therefore, you will find the best of
Rio’s Carnival at any place you chose to stay and RJ Feelings is here to
organize everything for you.  

What to expect from our services? Luxury, sophistication, comfort, convenience and
total security. Once your program is defined, you won’t have to worry about absolutely

Interested? Get in touch right now through our phone (+55 21 97964-0790) or e-mail ([email protected]). 

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