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Born in Pernambuco and based in Rio de Janeiro, Isis has been a luxury concierge for more than 10 years in diferent parts of the world, such as the United States, Spain, London and Thailand. In Rio, however, she is recognized worldwide as a deep insider. She has embraced a matchless lifestyle that when summed with the talent to plan, organize and communicate, ensures unique experiences perfectly suited to the lifestyle and yearning of each client or group. Isis designs fully customized itineraries and caters many illustrious personalities – such as NFL players and CEOs listed on Fortune 500. Digital influencer of prominence, has an audience that already exceeds 67.8 K and partnerships with major brands of the international luxury market.

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Luisa Accorsi is a digital influencer  with 600k followers  on You Tube and  613k followers on Instagram

São Paulo – Brasil

John Wellman  is a CEO at Windemere

Wall Street em Seatle – Estados Unidos


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