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@Isis_Grossi was born and raised in Rio and has been a VIP Concierge for several years, both in Brazil and the United States. As a world traveler, she has established a wide network of friends, partners and affiliates. She has a VIP Lifestyle and uses her own life to provide a local and exclusive experience. Her top-notch experience has allowed her to work with distinguished clients such as  NFL and International Soccer Players, Celebrities  (Rihana, Paris Hilton) and Fortune 500 CEOs. Her love for Rio de Janeiro runs deep and she strives to provide her clients the best experience the “Marvelous City” has to offer.

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Luxury Boats

Navigation is one of mankind's oldest passions. Therefore, sailing in luxury boats is one of the greatest pleasures that life can offer. The idea is to unite the passion for the sea with fantastic views, luxurious boats, selected menus and maybe, live music....

Fill Hair Experience – brazilian beauty treatment

You are going to travel and you want to take the opportunity to give a new look in the visual. Then you need to know our WBE Wellness and Beauty Experience service. The WBE is a concierge lifestyle service that unites the traditional pampering of a travel concierge...

Get to know the best trails in Rio de Janeiro

Getting some sun at the beaches in tbe city are a wonderful delight, but have you ever thought about getting to know Rio de Janeiro? Besides the energy of the sea, the sidewalks and the beautiful people,  the city has an exuberant nature, full of fantastic things and...

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