Lovers month – inspirations!

The most romantic month of the year came up and we are betting that many are asking themselves how to celebrate in the best way possible. May it be indoor or outside, we will definitely make the most of it!

During this quarentine, many are finding virtual options to keep contact with their families, friends and loved ones. Online toasts and parties were never so common and the meetings have become even more exciting since we miss each other so much!

If the couple is together, indoor options are plenty! 🙂 Innovation and creativity is key and in our home’s comfort they can definitely pull something out easily! French inspiration? What about a romantic picnic with candle lights? Our suggestion is that the couple picks up cheese and delicious toasts varieties and serve them with a fine French wine. Feeling more Italian? Cooking a pasta together can be very fun and delicious!

Looking for more practicality? Food delivery apps (ex: Ifood, Rappi, Uber Eats) are here for this. A Japanese dish with a good sake is always an excellent pick, don’t you think? Prefer something “heavier”? A combination of steak + fries and Netflix marathon sounds perfect!  

To get things more “caliente”, a Spanish paella with a nice tempranillo are amazing options too. But if you prefer something closer to our country, a Uruguayan tannat accompanied by a “dulce de leche” dessert is an absolute must!

Movies and music are also great allies for this moment! May it be a romantic film for an inspiration or an upbeat music to dance until sunrise! Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Deezer and Spotify are available with contents for every single taste!

In case the couple can’t spend the day together, a Zoom or Skype session can be the best plan! The most important thing is the energy and love shared at this moment in which we are naturally more sensible and in need of real connections. Especially at a date that is so important for our hearts 🙂

We from RJ Feelings wish all of our readers an even more romantic and special month, where we can all value each second with our partners. Normally we would be suggesting a romantic trip or special experiences abroad, after all, this is our expertise: unique, customized and unforgettable experiences for every occasion!

However, inside or outside our countries and homes, we strongly believe that we will more than ever put real value on those who take care of us, brings us peace, happiness, and mental and physical health!

And remember: take care, stay home and keep positive thoughts! Together, we will all go through this stronger!


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