News: RJ Feelings and Plantel

Unbelievable Experiences

RJ Feelings is now officially associated to Plantel Tourism, a company with more than 30 years of experience with the main advantage of offering a totally customized client service.

Plantel counts with a well-qualified team, guaranteeing unique and unforgettable trips for all types of customers. The compromise with an excellent service is priority. And to guarantee this, the company travels worldwide to carefully choose the best routes and accommodations, with the objective of making every dream come true the best way possible.

As a result, Plantel is able to assure their public the destiny’s true essence, so that they can experience each trip with effective care and logistics.

No wonder RJ Feelings is now part of Rio’s biggest luxury agency and one of Brazil’s biggest agency as well, with the “Virtuoso” seal, which is something only 30 agencies of the country has, as well as exclusive contracts with national and international Airlines.

Curious about the “Virtuoso” seal? It comes from an American association that unites hotel chains, agencies and suppliers from all over the world, in the exclusive and luxury tourism business.

The objective with all these amazing changes? Turn our attendance even more complete and absolutely personalized for each type of profile. After all, every trip deserves to be lived in a unique and memorable way. And for RJ Feelings, cultural experiences are one of the main sources of joy, personal development and life quality.

With the backing and expertise of Isis Grossi, concierge service reference in Brazil, RJ Feelings and WBE’s* (*beauty and lifestyle service) treatment just gain more credibility with this astonishing news.  

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