Rio de Janeiro can still have you for our 2020 Carnival!

Unbelievable Experiences

Every year Rio’s Carnival grows exponentially not only in popularity, but also
infrastructure, organization and planning. However, RJ Feelings knows how to
make all of this even more comfortable and sophisticated. 😉

Doubts about coming to Rio or not? See below some interesting data about how promising is Rio’s Carnival this year!

Did you know? This “carioca” event moved R$3.78 billions in the economy of Rio de
Janeiro in 2019. This represented a raise of 26% in the revenue of the
commercial and service sectors. In total, more than 1.6 million tourists came
to the city during the most celebrated Holiday of the year!

In 2020, Rio’s Carnival expects a 30% tourist increase. According to Riotur projections,
the city will be receiving about 1.9 million people and the celebrations will
have 50 days of total duration!

With more than 400 street parties and 500 parades, Rio de Janeiro is prepared to receive
the party people and tourists from all over the world. With the city hall’s
support, as well as big sponsors like AMBEV, the infrastructure is expected to
be even more organized and equipped this year.

Looking for the best hotels and the most incredible parties in this gorgeous
city? With RJ Feelings you can guarantee this and more!

Our biggest interest is to get to know you better so you can make the most of what Rio’s
Carnival can offer! May it be in the “Sambódromo”, an exclusive pool in an
upscale hotel, a restaurant with a breathtaking view or a private beach to
relax, we have all you need to enjoy this city in the best way possible.

According to your demands and interests, we will be able to suggest the perfect places
for you to make the most of your stay. And don’t worry, every neighborhood in
Rio has amazing culture and traditions. Therefore, you will find the best of
Rio’s Carnival at any place you chose to stay and RJ Feelings is here to
organize everything for you.  

What to expect from our services? Luxury, sophistication, comfort, convenience and
total security. Once your program is defined, you won’t have to worry about absolutely

Interested? Get in touch right now through our phone (+55 21 97964-0790) or e-mail ( 


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